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Protecting The Concrete Foundation Of Your Home

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After you’ve been living in your home for some time, it’s natural that you’ll start to concern yourself with maintaining different parts of the house that you might not have spent much time thinking about. You may turn your attention to your concrete foundation but not be sure if there’s anything at all you can to do to preserve it. When you’re able to do the following things, you can better protect the structure. Buy Plastic Extenders for Downspouts Your house is likely equipped with standard gutters and aluminum downspouts that drain water off the roof and down into the ground. However, it’s important to ensure that the water flowing through each downspout isn’t coming out too close to the edges of the concrete foundation. While you may not need to fear that it’s seeping in through visible cracks, too much water building up around the foundation can increase the exterior pressure being put upon the structure. That can cause problems that ultimately lead to cracks and shifting. To help the foundation, buy various plastic downspout extenders that will allow water to come out much farther away from the house. Keep the Yard Properly Hydrated If the soil in your yard becomes dry, your first concern may be that the grass and plants will die or that the yard will look brownish and unsightly. However, those aren’t the only problems that could arise if your yard isn’t properly hydrated. If the ground becomes too dry, that could cause the concrete foundation to start shifting about over time. Work to keep your lawn watered and help the soil to remain slightly moist. Avoid an Overflowing Septic Tank You might think that your septic tank has nothing to do with your home’s concrete foundation, but just as the downspouts could exert higher pressure, so too can a septic tank that is breached and sends a great deal of liquid sludge into the soil around the foundation. To prevent that, take care to care for your property’s septic system by doing the following: Be careful not to use too many bacteria-killing agents such as bleach, which could damage necessary tank bacteria which breaks down waste solids Have a professional clean, pump, and inspect the tank periodically. You might also want to have a professional periodically inspect your pipes with a septic camera to ensure that the pipes are not damaged or broken, which could send wastewater into the soil. With some attention to the suggestions in this article, your concrete foundation should last a very long time. You may want to get in touch with a few local shoring or concrete contractors in order to be sure that the foundation is sound. Contact a company like RCW Construction to learn...

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How To Replace Glass Panels In An Entry Door

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If you have broken or cracked entry door glass, you don’t have to replace the whole door. It is possible to replace the broken panes. The glass on front doors lets you see who’s on the other side. Not only is it unsafe to leave it broken, but it creates an eyesore, since it is more visible. A beginning DIY person can replace the panels. Here are tips to replace entry door glass panels. Prepare to Work For this project, you need: work gloves tape measure broom dust pan paper towels paper bag old shop cloths (optional) utility knife pliers rubber mallet hammer silicone finishing nails glazing compound or caulk scrap plywood boards replacement glass  Take note of how the glass is installed. Most door glass panels attach by caulk or glaze and wood stops, or a thin wooden frame. Sweep bits of glass, and discard them in a paper bag. Remove large pieces stuck in the frame with pliers. For completely shattered glass, detach the pieces with a putty knife; being careful not to damage the wood stops. If there are no wooden stops around the door, spread a shop cloth on the outside near the door, and gently tap shards with a rubber mallet. If you can’t replace the glass right away, nail plywood boards over the opening. Remove the Door After the glass has been removed, unscrew the door from the jamb, and lay it on a flat work surface. Use the blade of the putty knife to pull off the four trim moldings. Note the order of the molding as you remove it. Work the knife back and forth to loosen the molding, taking care not to damage it. Grab it with your fingers when you can, and gently pull it off, moving it back and forth. Scrape caulk or glaze. For stubborn caulk or glaze that won’t come off, spray a solvent on it. Detach the nails with pliers. Install the New Glass Measure the inside opening of the panel in all directions, and use the measurements to buy a replacement glass. Dry fit the panel in the opening to ensure it is the right size. Cut the tip of the glaze or caulk tube at a forty-five degree angle. Evenly apply a bead of caulk or glaze around the frame. If you are using glaze, attach glazing points on the top, bottom, and sides of the glass. Dab excess adhesive with a paper towel. Slide the glass in place; pressing it firmly against the adhesive, and let the adhesive dry. Reinstall molding with hammer and nails. Your entry door glass will look as good as new. If you don’t trust your skill, or you need several large glass panels replaced, contact a residential glass replacement...

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How a Lawn Care Service Helps You Grow a Lush Lawn

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When you think of using a lawn care service, you probably imagine hiring someone to mow your lawn. However, it takes more than mowing to grow a lush lawn. If your yard has weeds, dead spots, and generally looks unhealthy, you probably need a professional to help you turn it around. Whether you just need someone to mow your yard weekly or if you need a complete lawn rejuvenation, a professional lawn service can help. Here are some of the services you can have done. Yard Maintenance A great looking lawn starts by being well-groomed. If you don’t have time to keep up with mowing, then hire a lawn care professional to come in weekly or bi-weekly to cut the grass and trim and edge your lawn. Other yard maintenance tasks that can be done include blowing grass and leaves off walkways and the driveway, shaping bushes, and trimming trees. These services will keep your yard tidy and improve the curb appeal of your home. Chemical Lawn Treatments To encourage the growth of a lush lawn, you’ll need to have it treated with fertilizer and weed killer. The weed killer eliminates unsightly weeds so your lawn has a uniform appearance. Fertilizer makes the grass healthy and strong so it has a thick appearance and rich color. The lawn service can also add grass seed to fill in bare spots. Seeding the lawn and applying fertilizer has to be done during the right time of the growing cycle of your lawn. A lawn service has the experience to know when to apply lawn treatments according to the type of grass you have and the growing season in your local climate. Another lawn treatment you can have applied is pesticides that kill off bugs that destroy the roots and shoots of the grass in your yard. Getting rid of bugs also eliminates birds and animals scratching up the grass to find food. Physical Lawn Treatments A lawn care service may bring in special equipment when it is needed to improve the health of your lawn. A dethatcher might be used to remove the layer of tangled matter that accumulates just above the soil. An aerator may also be used to break up compacted soil so the grass roots stay healthy. You probably don’t own lawn equipment like this, and if you’re busy, you probably don’t have time to rent them just to maintain your yard. Hiring a lawn service is the best way to ensure your lawn gets exactly what it needs to stay healthy during all stages of its life cycle. For more information, contact a business such as Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care,...

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Renovation vs. Remodeling: When It Comes to Contractors, Is There a Difference?

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When you need a construction contractor, who do you hire? A general construction contractor builds everything from the ground up, but there are also remodeling contractors and renovation contractors. People often confuse remodeling with renovating, but there are significant differences. If you are not sure which to hire for your home, the following differences should help you figure out which type of contractor to hire. Renovation Renovation contractors focus on restoring and repairing your home. If you purchase an old manor house, but chunks of it are falling off everywhere, you hire a renovation contractor. If you want your home renovated in the most historically accurate way possible, you hire a renovation contractor who specializes in historical home repairs. Other examples of renovation include the renovations that were enacted after the most devastating hurricanes hit New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Homes are still being renovated and restored so that the owners can return to live in them. Remodeling Remodeling is definitely something most homeowners understand. A contractor comes in, changes the shape, size, features, and  structure of your home. Usually remodeling only occurs in one room of your home, like updating your kitchen or replacing the covered back porch with a four-seasons room. A remodeling contractor typically does not handle renovations, restorations, or repairs, unless the work needed is on something he or she already built. Cost Between Renovating and Remodeling Renovations are almost always more expensive because a renovation contractor repairs and fixes everything that needs to be fixed and repaired to restore your home. Thankfully, if your home does not need renovating, and you just want to change some features or the structure of your home, you can hire a remodeling contractor. You may find that a remodeling contractor and his/her quote is quite a bit less than that of a renovation contractor. On the other hand, if your remodeling contractor discovers that you have structural damage hidden behind several of the areas where you want to remodel, you may need to hire the renovation contractor anyway. Rather than hire two separate contractors, it is more convenient (and subsequently much cheaper) to hire a contractor who is both a renovation contractor and a remodeling contractor. That way, if the remodeling project grinds to a halt because renovations are needed for the structures in your home to support the remodeling, the contractor and his/her crew can switch over to renovations for a bit, then continue on with...

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Clean Gutters

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Are you tired of pulling autumn leaves out of your gutters? Are you considering just not bothering to remove them for a while? Having your gutters clogged with leaves can initially seem like it is simply a minor annoyance. Instead of having all of the water come out the drain spout, it’ll flow over the edge of the gutter and onto the ground below. However, there are more reasons for gutter cleaning than simply avoiding getting wet every now and then. Some of the most important reasons for keeping your gutters clean include: Roof damage: When your gutters are full of leaves, they will obviously fill up quickly with water. But instead of the water simply flowing over the edge to the ground, as you might expect, some of that water is going to be redirected back to the roof. Depending on your gutter placement, this additional water can flow under the shingles at the edge of your roof, creating spots with water damage. If you should happen to get freezing temperatures while there is water on your roof, the expansion of the ice could cause the shingles at the edge to lift up, which can potentially cause even more damage in the future. Regular gutter cleaning will help prevent this from happening, allowing your roof to remain intact for a longer period.  Basement flooding: Although you might not think that your gutters and your basement have much in common, the truth is that your gutters can be extremely important to your basement. When your house has a basement, the gutter system is used to direct water away from your foundation. Too much water around your foundation can create pressure that forces the water past your basement’s waterproofing system. Gutter cleaning will ensure that as much water as possible is sent away, preventing it from causing damage to your home. Animal pests: When it’s not raining, clogged gutters can be the perfect nesting ground for many types of animals. Rats or mice might decide to burrow through the leaves, living on your roof until spring comes. Dirty gutters can also be a breeding ground for a wide variety of insects, which can then attract even more animals in search of a meal. If you don’t want to wake up to find that your home has been invaded by unwanted insects and mammals, gutter cleaning is something that you should consider doing regularly. For more information on gutter cleaning, contact a company like Mr.Gutter,...

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3 Major Benefits Of Having Flat Roofing For Your Home

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Are you in the market to buy a new home, or building a new home from scratch? The type of roof the house has can make a bigger impact than you think. With there being so many roofing options available to you, consider having a home that uses flat roofing. It may provide some benefits that you may not have thought of before. Simple Inspections One part of a home that is often neglected is the roof, and it’s rare for homeowners to do an inspection on their own. That’s because most roofs have a slant on them, which makes it difficult and dangerous for someone to climb onto the roof and get a closer look at what is going on with the shingles. This isn’t a problem when your home has flat roofing. A flat roof allows you to easily walk on the surface without the fear of slipping off or needing special equipment. You can take your time with doing a roof inspection, which will let you look for potential problems and find them before they become much worse. Additional Living Space As a homeowner, having a sloped roof does not provide you with any way to utilize the space as another living area. This is very possible if you have a flat roof. You can transform the space into a rooftop patio, or even go out to the roof and create a rooftop garden. This is great if you do not have a lot of yard space, or just love the concept of a nice living space that is outside your home. The biggest problem will be ease of access, but is completely possible with some modifications to the inside of your home. This could involve making an entrance from a second floor bedroom that goes out to your flat roof over a garage, or making a staircase that goes up to the rooftop. Simple To Repair Roofs will eventually need to be repaired, and with a  sloped roof, it will be difficult to do on your own. Similar to the inspection, there are risks associated with going on a sloped roof that are not there with a flat roof. In addition, flat roof repairs are easier to do. Since the roof is not visible from the ground, the repair can even be a bit crude if needed as long as it gets the job done. You can use tar roofing material to overlay damaged areas, and be less concerned about perfectly matching the color of the existing shingles. Of course, you can also hire a roofing contractor to do the repair for you. It’s possible to even save money on the labor involved since flat roof repair is less...

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3 Tips For Customizing Your Residential Pool For Safer Use By Wheelchair-Bound Swimmers

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If someone in your home enjoys swimming and uses a wheelchair or you expect that swimmer to need a wheelchair in the near future, it is important to understand that there are a variety of modifications that can be made to pools in order to provide better and safer use. Common modifications include lift chairs to help a wheelchair-bound person get in and out of the pool. Using wall handles that run throughout the pool will be useful and providing a thermostat for the water that is easy to view and change is another idea worth considering. If you know that you want to make the pool as user-friendly as possible for everyone who would like to use it, the following information will be quite helpful. #1-Install A Lift Chair When planning for the necessary customizations to a pool, you are likely to find that referring to the recent changes required of most public pools by the federal government is useful. Although those requirements will not impact your residential pool, they can still help you to make the most appropriate choice for your own man-made body of water. One example is the lift chair, which has been required at the majority of public pools since 2012. It attaches securely to the ground outside the pool and uses special attachments to transfer a wheelchair bound person to and from the pool. That gives the swimmer in question a better opportunity to maintain their independence and can make swimming more of a family or group activity in which everyone can participate. #2-Provide Handles For The Inside Of The Pool Since there are so many different levels of ability for wheelchair-bound persons, it is crucial to plan for their safety. One way to do so is the use of sturdy, water-proof handles that attach to the inside of the pool. They can help swimmers to stabilize their position while getting in or out of the pool. In addition, they can use it while floating, practicing new skills and a myriad of other reasons. #3-Evaluate The Visibility And Ease of Access For The Thermostat For The Pool It is easy to forget that many people who need to use wheelchairs due to high-level damage to the spinal cord have lost the ability to maintain their own body temperature. They also may be unable to sweat or shiver, which would normally be one way to aid in the temperature maintenance. Therefore, it is essential for your swimming pool to have a thermostat that clearly indicates the water temperature and it is also a good idea for there to be a similar thermostat for the temperature of the air. Those amenities should be easy to access by competent adults and away from young children who could damage the unit or themselves if they decided to play with it. When adults can see that it is getting too cold to safely and comfortably swim, they will then be able to either increase the water temperature or leave the pool. Regardless, your actions are helping them to stay healthy. In conclusion, swimming is often an ideal form of exercise for people with mobility issues who require the use of a wheelchair. Therefore, it is a good idea to be aware of the following information when you and your...

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A Homeowner’s Guide To Buying And Caring For Tile

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Tile can enhance your home in so many different ways. It adds aesthetic appeal and flavor that makes it an excellent interior design material, while also providing thermal benefits, since tile is so cool and hard. If you want to enjoy these benefits, you must learn a little bit about the types of tile available, the cost to get it installed, and ways that you can take care of it. To learn these tips, read on and put these guidelines to use.  The Types Of Tile Options Available Any time you want to enhance your interior with floor tile, you need to learn a little bit more about the options in front of you. Travertine is a beautiful tile option that allows for creative patterns and colors. This is a valuable and sought-after material, since it is limestone and comes from natural hot springs. Porcelain is also a popular type of tile, because it is durable, thick and energy efficient. Marble is vibrant and versatile, able to be crafted, stained, painted, and polished in a variety of different ways. You can reach out to a tile contractor who can assist you in finding any tile that you would like.  The Price For Tile Installation Once you figure out what kind of tile you want, you must also shop around for the best prices to get it installed. You need to be sure that you get the help of licensed professional tile contractors who have years of experience, to be sure that the work is conducted properly and beautifully. Get price breakdowns from these contractors, so that you can compare and pay the most reasonable cost. You can expect materials to cost you between $10 and $21 for each square foot — not including additional features like sealants and borders.  How To Maintain Your Tile It is important that you practice some key strategies for keeping your tile clean and in great condition. For instance, you should regularly vacuum and sweep your tile to keep it free from debris. Grab a mop and cleaning solution and mop your floors at least once per week. You can also get in touch with a tile contractor to have them provide more thorough cleanings on a regular basis, and to inspect the tile to fix any cracks or other problems that may come about.  Follow these tips so that you can choose, purchase, and care for your tile. For more information, contact a company like Quality Floor Covering & Decorating Center...

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A Guide To Professional Mobile Welding Work

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When you need to secure the help of welders who can assist you with your metal fabrication work, you will need to learn some strategies that will help your project go on without a hitch. The tips below will help you to get the most out of your metal fabrication work, while also knowing what to expect from the process. Read below and use these strategies to your advantage as you reach out to mobile welders who can help you.  The Benefits Of Working With Professional Mobile Welders Technology has advanced to the point that metal fabrication shops and welders are able to provide you an expansive range of services by traveling to you. These professionals, known as mobile welders, can provide you a host of welding techniques, including shielded metal arc welding and gas metal arc welding. You’re in luck if you require welding work, since this field is growing by 15 percent over the coming years, giving you plenty of options to choose between. Mobile welders are advantageous because they will travel to you, provide custom service, and will give you a great turnaround time on the work that you are looking for.  Hire The Right Professional Mobile Welder Now that you know the benefits of hiring a mobile welder, you must do your due diligence when hiring the right welder. The first thing you should verify with the professional company is whether the work is guaranteed. Guaranteed work not only protects you from liabilities, it denotes the fact that a company stands behind their service. Sit down and meet with the company ahead of time to get a feel for their professionalism and communication. You can also look them up with the Better Business Bureau in order to see if any customers have lodged complaints or lawsuits recently. Since they will travel to you and provide you with metal work, you need to ensure that they adhere to specific safety protocols and take on a detail oriented mindset for every job they take on.  Find The Best Price On Welding Work When dealing with any sort of potential welding project, you should begin seeking estimates on how much the work might cost. In most situations, you can expect to pay somewhere in the range of $150 and $546 on welding work, though it could reach higher estimates of $805. Always be sure to ask for estimates in writing in order to get a clear idea of how much they will charge you as compared to their competitors. For best results, you should get three to five different estimates from mobile welders and ensure that each charge is itemized.  Follow these points and get in touch with a mobile metal welding shop that will assist you. For more information, talk to welders at a company like Cor...

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