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Three Ways To Use Occupancy Sensors For Lights In Your Home That Will Impress Your Guests

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If you have some money to spare but don’t want to completely remodel your home, improving the way that lighting works is one of the most effective things you can do to make everything look better. Additionally, with the help of a simple-to-comprehend automated lighting system, the lives of both you and any other people who drop by will be made much more convenient. To help you with choosing occupancy sensors for lights in your home that will impress any guests you bring over, check out these three options. Lights Under Paintings And Other Wall Fixtures Set To Activate At Night When you’re escorting your guests through the hallway between your home’s entrance and your living room, what do you most want them to see? If you’ve previously spent a lot of money on wall fixtures such as paintings and display cases, it’d be a shame if no attention is ever drawn to them. During the evening, consider putting a lighting system in the relevant hallway that mainly relies on lights placed immediately below the wall fixtures. These lights should be connected to sensors that activate whenever anyone opens your front door or passes through a door frame leading into the hallway. During installation, you’ll have to choose how bright you want the lights to be. Try to strike a balance between providing enough light during the evening to keep anyone from tripping or stubbing their toe while still keeping the room dim enough to ensure that enough attention is drawn to your light fixtures. Sensors For Backyard Lights Placed In Your Living Room Depending on how good a view of the outside world your living room has, you may want to put lights on an exterior wall that light up when someone inside comes near the windows. For example, this setup works great if your windows are very large and your property is right next to a quaint-looking stream with trees and flowers all around it. Close Range Sensors That Light Up Side Tables For People Sitting On Recliners Putting small lights next to the side tables surrounding your living room’s recliners and sofas is great for when you and your guests want to watch a movie and eat at the same time. The lights can ensure that no mess is made of the food items on the tables while the room remains dim enough for the movie to look sharp and clear. One way to configure these lights is to have them turn on whenever someone moves an arm immediately over a table. For added versatility, you can also install a button near the relevant recliner or sofa to operate the light manually. Contact a residential electrician, like one from Excel Electric Inc, for more...

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Moving Services to Consider Along with Those of Your Mover

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Hiring an excellent moving company is essential to an easy and cost-effective move. But there are some services other than moving services that you can seek out to make your move even better.  Professional Packing Services Some people enjoy packing; others find it to be one of the biggest hassles involved in moving. If you are in the second camp, then hiring a professional packing service can save you a great deal of time and effort. And you’ll ensure that your boxes are packed correctly with good packing materials so that nothing gets broken during the move. Some moving companies offer this service as one of their additional service options.   Piano Movers and Specialty Movers If you’re looking to reduce your moving-company’s quote, then sometimes you need to look at supplementary moving options to help you cut down on the time you’ll spend moving and the size of the truck. Outsourcing your piano-moving to a specialist is helpful because doing so may mean you won’t need to rent as much heavy lifting equipment, and you may be able to shave down the number of movers you need as long as there are no other large objects. If there are, some specialty movers will haul those heavy items for a reasonable fee.  Shipping Services and Couriers When things are getting down to the wire, you may realize that you don’t have room in your truck for all of your stuff. Do you rent a bigger truck or leave the items behind? Actually, you don’t have to do either; a shipping service or courier service can deliver these items to your new address so that they’ll be waiting when you get there. You could choose an overnight option (which is often delivered by air) or save money by using moving services with a longer timeline (which may include freight ships or trucks).  Household Cleaning Services Figuring out how to get your apartment clean for an inspection is difficult when you are moving. Once you’ve moved out all of your boxes, you may opt to stay behind and clean. But this is inconvenient if you’re moving a long way away. Consider hiring a household cleaning service to pick up the pieces after you leave. They can offer a variety of services from a simple tidying to a deep clean that checks off all of the boxes on your security-deposit inspection. Each of these services can complement the right moving company to make your move as easy as...

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You Can Rent THAT? An Abbreviated Guide To Specialty Tools You Can Rent For Construction

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Working in construction, you probably come across some tools that you do not need to use as often as others. Sometimes these specialty tools are incredibly expensive, too, which makes buying them and keeping them as part of your tool inventory not a very cost-effective purchase. Yet, if you need a specific tool, how else are you going to get it? Most people (including construction workers) are unaware of the fact that you can rent all kinds of specialty tools (from an outlet such as Bourget Bros Building Materials). The following list is rather abbreviated, but it provides you with an idea of some of the least-expected specialty tool rentals. Tampers and Rammers Sure, you can rent a jackhammer from most rental stores, but you probably did not know that you can rent a tamper or rammer too. These tools are smaller versions of a roller truck and are most effective at tamping down or ramming cement, concrete and asphalt. In so doing, you get a nice, bubble-free flat surface that your customers will really appreciate. It is also nice to know that you can rent these for smaller patch repairs in sidewalks and driveways too. While most tampers and rammers might cost you a few thousand or more, you can rent these items for a scant amount of money per day or per half day. Rebar Tie Guns and Benders If you use rebar a lot in your work, you may already own a rebar tie gun or two, as well as a rebar bender. However, you probably did not know that you could rent these tools, which is quite useful to know in the event that your own tie guns and benders stop working or stop functioning as they should (i.e., tying rebar together into a grid format and bending rebar, usually at perfect angles). It is also useful to know that you can rent these specialty tools so that other workers can get their own tie guns and benders if and when they need them. Portable Propane Heaters and Tanks When you want to dry concrete or cement faster, you probably use a portable propane heater (or two or three). Did you know you could rent these heaters, as well as the rolling carts on which to place the heaters? More importantly, did you know you could rent the propane tanks themselves? Usually, if you rent the propane heater it does not come with its own fuel tank. Like many other contractors, you probably buy the tank full, an expense that is more costly than recycling old tanks you have or renting the tanks and having them filled. If you currently do not have any propane heaters in your inventory or you do not have any old empty tanks, your next cheapest bet for keeping construction costs low is to rent these...

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How A Roof Coating Can Help Enhance Your Commercial Roof

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As one of the most important components on a building, it’s important for business owners to protect their roofs. Roof coating provides an excellent opportunity to do so. Roof coating is applied much like paint and is basically a chemical fluid that adheres to the roof surface. Once it sets, it creates a layer of protection that can afford a number of benefits. Extended Roof Life Roof coating is a great way to extend the life of your roof and the amount of use you get out of your investment. In the simplest of terms, roof coating creates a barrier between harsh elements, like rain and bird droppings. Instead of penetrating the surface of your roof and causing damage, these elements instead rest on the coating, minimizing the risk for damage. Coating can also serve as a protective barrier between the sun’s UV rays and your roof, which can also deter sun damage and discoloration. Less Energy Consumption This type of roof application can also help minimize the amount of energy you consume, particularly when it comes to your cooling cost. Most roof coatings have emissive and reflective qualities within them. In terms of heat, this can help block out much of the heat that would normally penetrate into your building and increase the internal temperature. The lower the temperature inside your building, the less you need to rely on your comfort system to keep temperatures regulated. A reduced dependence will also mean less energy used, and ultimately, lower costs. Improved Appearance For any business, success isn’t solely dependent on the type of product or service you provide. It also has a lot to do with the way your business appears. If your business doesn’t look kept and professional, potential customers may pass you right by. A roof coating can help improve the appearance of your roof because it prevents common imperfections like peeling materials and discoloration, which commonly come along when roofing materials are exposed to the elements for a long period of time. Even if your roof isn’t in the best condition, a roof coating can also help improve its look. For example, a pigment-containing roof coating can be applied to a roof with mild to moderate discoloration, revitalizing its appearance. If you want to protect your roof and prolong its life, don’t overlook the benefit a professional roof coating can extend. A roof specialist can assist you with application. Click here for info about roof...

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Three Good Reasons Why DIY Spring Repair Is Not Really A Thing

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If you’re a homeowner who is trying to save money, you know doing repairs yourself can save you quite a bit of dough. But there are some repairs that you should just not attempt on your own at all unless you’ve been previously trained, and fixing garage door springs is one of those. It’s generally OK to do minor maintenance like lubricating the springs, but if they need replacing or mending, calling a professional is the safest way to go for three reasons. Broken Springs Fly If the spring breaks while it’s being worked on, it can fly, usually at you and not away from you. These springs are under tension, and disconnecting them from the door doesn’t always relieve the tension safely. Plus, as the metal in the springs gets older, it becomes more brittle, increasing the chances that the metal will snap before you have a chance to remove the spring. Doors With Broken Springs Fall If the spring breaks on the door and the door is open and in the up position, the door can then fall. That can injure anyone crossing into or out of the garage, and it can severely damage the door. You can’t stop this by keeping the door closed as you work on the springs because the springs are under even more tension when the door is closed. (It’s that tension that helps the opener pull the door up.) So, trying to keep the door closed would just make the job more of a risk. Doors With Broken Springs Trap You Inside Garage doors are heavy, and if the door falls because the spring broke, you are going to have a difficult time opening the door. If your garage has another door, such as one leading into the backyard or the house, that’s not a problem. But if your garage is a shed type that has no other doors, you’re stuck unless you want to hack your way through the door, which would be dangerous in any circumstance, if not impossible with metal doors. If your garage springs are starting to give you trouble, call in a professional garage door spring repair company. They know what they are doing and will be able to take the appropriate precautions, both with the door and with their workers’ personal safety. Don’t use this home improvement project as a way to save money — this is one time when spending instead of saving is much...

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Quick And Easy Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Aging Electric Furnace

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Chances are, your electric furnace will provide good heat to your home for at least 16 to 20 years. But because replacing a heat system could easily be considered one of the biggest expenses you could face as a homeowner, you will definitely want to get as many years from your existing furnace as possible. Part of prolonging the life of any furnace is making sure it is well maintained and serviced. There are a few simple maintenance tasks that should be performed regularly to encourage an aging electric furnace to last as long as it possibly can.  Keep your furnace filter cleaned. – The filter of your electric furnace keeps dust and debris from making its way inside the system where it will inhibit airflow and heat distribution. But a dirty or clogged filter will just make your aging furnace work twice as hard as it should to keep you warm. If you have an electronic filter-change sensor, a small light will come on when it is time for the filter to change. It is also a good idea to just do a manual check and replace the filter if it appears soiled.  Take time to clean the motor housing of the furnace. – Dust and debris can accumulate on the housing of the electric motor of your heating furnace over time. Use a slightly dampened cloth to remove this residue on a regular basis to make sure the unit is not prone to overheating because of lacking airflow. Do not use soap or a dripping wet cloth for this because even a small amount of water or moisture could compromise the motor.  Avoid turning the electric furnace completely off on warm days. – You may assume that turning off the furnace on warmer days will be good to give it a rest. Giving the system a rest is good, but it is not good to allow your home to get to an excessively cool temperature and then turn the furnace back on, as it will force the system to run for much longer at one time. Instead, simply adjust the thermostat of your furnace to ensure it does not kick on during warmer temperatures.  Replace any worn or tattered belts on the motor. – The belts that help to continuously run the motor of your electric furnace are prone to damage and cracking over time. Every little fault will mean that the furnace fan motor will have to work more to encourage the belt to turn. Check the belts on your electric furnace’s motor for damage and replace them as necessary.  For more information and assistance with maintenance or repairs, contact an HVAC contracting company, such as Kohl Heating & Air...

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Constant Work And Increased Stability – Advantages Of Driving For A Fleet Service

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For many people, the call of the open road can be too powerful to ignore, and the freedom and possibility provided by truck driving can be extremely appealing. However, owning and operating your own long haul truck can be a difficult challenge, and placing yourself in competition with large fleet services can be a large stress that leads you to wonder why you don’t simply join up and look for fleet jobs. Below, you’ll find a guide to some of the advantages of driving for a fleet service. Offloading some of your responsibility onto a large parent company can take a huge burden off your shoulders and can allow you to still enjoy the wonder of driving without the added challenge of running your own business. Maintenance Costs Being out on a long haul and finding your truck in need of emergency maintenance can be an extremely difficult situation. Not only is securing a repair difficult at times, but when you own your own truck, the cost also comes directly out of your profits and can turn a difficult trip into a losing one as well. When driving a fleet vehicle, you can be sure that the professional maintenance staff will remain on top of all regular upkeep. You can also be sure that you won’t be responsible for the cost of repairs to your vehicle, allowing you to simply pursue a repair without stressing over the financial burden. Consistent Routes While the changing landscapes and unpredictable nature of driving a truck do have a certain degree of appeal, they can also get in the way of stable living. If you have a family or if you merely want to have familiarity with your work environment, being able to drive the same route on a regular basis can be a huge relief. Most fleet services have contracts which allow their drivers to be able to predict their work load and destinations well in advance. This can mean no more unpleasant surprises, unfamiliar roads, or other similar stressful situations. Regular Work Ultimately, as an owner-operator, the biggest challenge you face is securing enough loads to keep yourself in business. It can be difficult to compete with large fleet services, and you may not even have the necessary contacts to locate work that you’re well equipped to perform. By agreeing to drive for a fleet service, you can be sure that you’ll have regular access to a steady flow of work, keeping you occupied and employed at times that may otherwise be...

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Best Practices For Filling Potholes

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For repair crews dealing with the same pothole over and over, it could be the way the pothole is being filled that’s causing continual problems. Putting these problems to rest requires an understanding of the various best practices that go into repairing and maintaining paved asphalt surfaces. The following talks about a few of these best practices and how they can improve the longevity of a typical pothole repair. Making a Clean Sweep If there’s any debris in the pothole, the debris must be swept or blown out of the pothole before any attempt is made at a repair. Leaving fragments of the old pavement or patch behind could prevent the new asphalt mix from bonding properly and weaken the overall integrity of the repair. Removing the debris also allows you to carefully inspect the area prior to repairs. Trimming the Edges The jagged edges around a typical pothole can cause the hot asphalt mix to bond unevenly, leaving behind gaps and other areas where the mix hasn’t bonded to the surrounding pavement properly. To keep this problem from happening, it’s usually good practice to saw cut the edges around the pothole. Doing so creates even edges that allow for a complete fill and excellent bonding. Don’t forget to remove the debris created by the saw cutting process. Getting Back to the Subbase To ensure a good pothole repair, you’ll need to dig down to the subbase level while discarding any old concrete or asphalt in the pothole. If the concrete or asphalt is left in place, it’s likely that the repair will crumble apart starting from the bottom up. Heating the Pothole Excess moisture can adversely affect the quality and speed of the pothole repair, namely by impacting the asphalt mix bonding process. For this reason, it’s important to remove any and all existing moisture found within the pothole. Repair teams should use an infrared panel or other portable heating equipment to heat the pothole and the surrounding asphalt. Heating the pothole not only helps remove moisture from the pothole, but it also softens the surrounding asphalt for a better, longer-lasting bond with the freshly-added asphalt fill. Compaction is the Key It’s easy for repair crews to overlook this step, but it can mean the difference between a long-lasting repair and one that fails in short order. Compacting the new asphalt surface helps create a tight bond between the old asphalt and the new mix used to fill the pothole. It also safeguards against water intrusion — a common reason for potholes to form in the first place. For more information, talk with other road repair companies or see this...

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Patch A Hot Water Pipe Underneath Your Mobile Home

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If a small section of a hot water pipe is leaking underneath your mobile home, patch it with the following steps. The temporary repair will prevent the ground underneath your home from becoming soaked and will help retain your hot water supply until you are able to have a permanent repair made by a plumber. Materials tarp flashlight measuring tape epoxy putty pot of water rubber gloves plumbing tape scissors Assess The Leak And Apply Putty Remove the underpinning from the section of your mobile home where the leak is present. Place a tarp on the ground so that you do not get wet while assessing the leak. Use a flashlight to locate the portion of the pipe that is damaged. Use a measuring tape to measure the length of this area. Turn off the water supply. Dry the pipe’s surface off with a towel. Mold a section of epoxy putty in your hands that is thin and wide and long enough to cover the leak. Press the putty firmly against the broken section of the pipe. Wait for the putty to harden. The package that the putty came in may have the amount of time that you can expect to wait in the instructions.  Wrap Plumbing Tape Over The Putty Put on a pair of rubber gloves. Submerge a roll of plumbing tape in a pot of water for a few minutes. The water will activate the tape so that it will stick to the epoxy-covered section of the pipe. Unroll the tape and place the end of it against one end of the damaged portion that is covered with putty. Wrap the tape tightly over the putty until it is covered with several layers of protection. Trim the end of the tape. Press the tape against the pipe from all angles with your glove-covered fingertips. This will help the tape to adhere to the epoxy. Wait a few hours for the tape to dry completely. Turn on the water supply. Shine a flashlight directly at the repaired area and visually inspect it. If water is no longer dripping, the temporary repair has been successful. Set up an appointment with a licensed plumber to have the broken section of pipe replaced as soon as you can. In the meantime, you can use hot water in your home and will not need to worry about water dripping onto the ground or the leak becoming larger.  For more help with your plumbing, consider contacting companies like Stephens Plumbing And Heating...

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One Gate, Two Gate, Swinging Gate, Sliding: Which Driveway Gate Style To Get

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If you manage an apartment complex and are installing a driveway gate, you’ve likely discovered that choosing a gate really isn’t just a matter of signing up for a system and letting the gate company decide which one you get. You have a range of styles to choose from, including sliding vs. swinging and one gate versus two. If you don’t already know which type you want, take a look at this rundown of what each requires and how each could benefit the complex. One vs. Two Gates The biggest advantage of having only one gate at the driveway is that you need less hardware. You need only one set of hinges or pulleys and only one controller to open the door when residents want to enter or exit. However, you also need a lot of space. The one gate has to span the width of the driveway, so if you have a wide driveway, you need a wide gate. That means you need a lot of clearance and space so the gate has somewhere to go when it opens. With two gates, you’ll need two sets of hardware and two controllers that are synchronized. That means there’s more than can break. At the same time, the gates can be smaller since they have to span only half of the driveway each. That means they need less clearance and space when they move. If the driveway isn’t particularly wide and you don’t want to deal with more parts than is necessary, one gate could work well for you. If you have a very wide driveway or don’t have a lot of clearance space, two would be better. Swinging vs. Sliding Gates Swinging gates have to swing one way or another to open, and that means cars need to give the gates proper clearance. With one gate, those cars will have to stay back quite a bit; with two, they can get a little closer. If you don’t trust the residents to pay attention to signs stating they have to wait at a certain point for the gates to open without damaging their cars, you may want to avoid swinging gates and get sliding gates, too. Just keep in mind that sliding gates need enough room to slide over, so if there isn’t a lot of space on either side of the gate (or gates, if you have two), sliding gates wouldn’t really work. In this case, swinging would be better, and you’d just have to be sure you had very visible signs around the gates warning drivers that the gates would swing open. So to summarize: If you prefer less hardware and have a lot of space: one gate. If you are OK with more hardware and don’t have a lot of space: two gates. If there’s little space to the sides of the driveway: swinging gates. If there’s a lot of space to the sides and drivers aren’t paying attention to signs: sliding gates. For more information, contact Carter Fence Co or a similar...

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